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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 15, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> steve: tomorrow on the program, bill o'reilly and the woman on the cover of the sports illustrated swim suit, kate upton. >> brian: and bill o'reilly saluted her. it should be interesting to get her together. >> gretchen: have a great day. >> brian: bye, everybody. martha: thanks, very, guys. we have to start you off. defiant iran taunting the u.s. state-run television reporting iran is fueling its centrifuges with nuclear fuel. that is stoking fierce the rogue state is indeed one step closer to an atomic bomb. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. good to see you in gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. leland vittert is live.
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>> reporter: this is step down the road towards a nuclear weapon that the u.s., the west and here in israel they really hope sanctions would try and prevent. now here is what happened. the president loaded nuclear fuel into the tehran nuclear reactor. the significance is these fuel rods are now being made locally by iran. for a long time sanctions tried to prevent iran from getting nuclear material. now looks like that is effectively ineffective. looks like they tried to build new advanced centrifuges. put those into the areas they could enrich uranium that could pongs at this will be made into a nuclear bomb. there was a big deal about the centrifuges destroyed by the computer virus. they said these are better and make better material and immine to any of those kind of viruses. greg, essentially going forward this is iran doubling down moving down the path toward a nuclear weapon. gregg: what does it mean for the attempt to stop iran's
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nuclear program? >> reporter: you could look at it two ways. you could say this is iran creating more bargaining chips. if they want to come to the table sometime in the next six months, more things for them to give away to the west and more things for them to get. however israel said they will not allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. six months is the timeline they seem to be working on from now to when a military option could actually work. you have a situation here where tensions between israel and iran are at an absolute all-time high. we had bombing attacks on israeli diplomats abroad over past couple days here. this is awfully dangerous time for iran to be gambling especially in such a public manner and so defy aptly as they face off here. gregg: leland vittert, live in jerusalem. leland, thanks. martha: iran is also suspected carrying out a string of attacks in several countries, leland just mentioned that, targeting israeli diplomats.
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today israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is speaking out about that. saying that iran is trying to destablize the world. if this aggression isn't stopped it will spread to other countries he believes. this took place in india. this is one of several as we mentioned. we hear bombs used in that attack are similar ones to found in the nation of georgia and also in thailand. gregg: let's get an idea just how much iran spends on military and missile programs. the around 2% of the country's gdp is spent on its military. iran currently possesses the largest number of deployed ballistic missiles in the middle east to 1,000 short and long-range missiles. iran has ballistic missiles with a range of about 1,000 miles. obviously putting israel well within reach. martha? martha: iran is also using its oil as a weapon, announcing a ban on exports to six european union countries. that move comes as tehran threatens to close the
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strait of hormuz. 20% of our world's oil goes through that very key waterway. that is an area that is watched real closely in all of this. iran on its own exports 2.2 million barrels of oil a day. what kind of impact from all of this are we looking at here? stuart varney joins us now, fox business network. stuart, this is an escalating situation. >> yes. there are rapid fire developments here and your money is very much at stake. first of all we have iran which may be about to be cut out of the oil payment system. if that happens, then they can not get any revenue for the oil that they sell. their economy is already very, very fragile. just last week they defaulted on a big payment for rice from india. almost at the verge of collapse is the iranian economy. therefore they can not afford to lose that oil revenue. in the first seven months of last year they took in $56 billion. that is about 100 billion on an annual basis. and because of this turmoil
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in iran, the price of oil this morning here in america has gone straight up. we're around $102 a barrel right now. because of that rising price of oil, we have the price of gasoline now hitting $3.51 per gallon. we are in the middle after financial war. there are dramatic developments on a meant by moment basis here and your money is at stake very clearly, martha. martha: indeed it is. what about europe and these nations being cut off? is iran hurting itself in that situation? >> first of all we heard from iranian state tv and they said we are going to cut off oil exports to six european countries including greece. the oil ministries said no such thing. there is real conflict over policy in the middle of tehran at this moment. would they be cutting off their nose to spite their face? perhaps not. refusing to export oil to six european countries they're putting maximum pressure where it would be
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hurt the most. how would greece react to no more oil coming in? the iranians are lashing out in a very unclear situation. martha: a lot of instability. the economy is very tough shape in iran. that will feed into this as well. stuart, thank you so much. stuart varney from the fox business network. gregg: here at home we are already feeling the burn of rising gas prices. in just three weeks now the average price of a gallon has jumped nearly 12 cents the white house yesterday addressing that issue concerning many americans. >> the president is keenly aware of the impact that higher gas prices have on families trying to make ends meet. our approach to this is, begins with the recognition there is no silver bullet. in dealing with global oil prices. gregg: some analysts say gas prices could reach as high as $4 nationally by the month of may. martha: the bloodshed in syria, another huge concern
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in the region right now. syria is believed to have an arsenal of chemical weapons and portable anti-aircraft missiles as well. the u.s. is reportedly watching this whole situation very, very closely because of the concern that those could fall into the wrong hands amid the chaos going on in syria right now. as of now our government, according to these reports, does believe that syria's leadership is still in control for now of that stockpile. gregg: as we watch the rest of the world there are new reports the white house is considering deep cuts to america's own nuclear arsenal. this proposal could reduce the number of deployed u.s. nukes by 80%, from 5,000 down to as little as 300. that is roughly equal to what china has. russia has the most active nukes. the steve centanni is live in washington with more. steve, how likely is this proposal to happen? >> reporter: well, gregg,
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they're looking at options right now. nothing has been decided. georgia little, the pentagon press secretary said the details are classified but the president is developing several all tern testify approaches to deterrents and stability and stock levels of nuclear weapons. and so they have proposed three different options. option ranges. the lowest one would be as low as 300 nuclear weapons in the u.s. arsenal. that is below what china has and far fewer than russia. there are these three levels being proposed, a different sizes and different ways to deal with those alternatives. georgia little also saying or a senior official, a different official saying the report about the president considering deep cuts are accurate. no decision though has been made. the story and the idea of cutting 80% of the nuclear arsenal unilaterally is being floated right now they say to test the outer limits of what is possible. nothing has been submitted to the president as yet. it's a part of a larger
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nuclear posture review. gregg, back to you. gregg: steve centanni live in washington. steve, thanks. martha: in fact the nuclear stockpile already has been significantly cut since the cold war. the newest declassified information is from 2010. the u.s. holds more than 5,000 warheads. that is an 84% reduction from the stockpiles we had back in 1967 when the u.s. held more than 31,000 nukes. the current stockpile is also 75% lower than when the berlin wall fell in 1989. that puts the u.s. in second place behind russia, which has about 6,000 nuclear weapons according to the latest numbers. gregg: and now, to the upcoming election. front-runners mitt romney and rick santorum ready to go at it before the michigan primary, battling it out for the republican nomination. santorum telling reporters during a recent campaign stop his surge is no fluke and he's the republican best
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hope in november. >> we have the best chance to beat president obama. we have the best record and best plan. we have one that can win key states and propel us to the, to the white house and we'll have someone that you can trust. someone who has been there someone who, listen to every conservative commentator following politics for any period of time and they will tell you the same thing. gregg: santorum is now leading in the nationwide "real clear politics" average of polls. which is a amazing since he was down by about 15 points a week ago. martha: anybody counted out at any point seems to have a surge like santorum. we'll see if he can hold onto that. meantime it is starting to get very ugly between the two candidates. mitt romney going on the offensive in michigan. he would very much like to win michigan in the his home state. santorum challenging there,
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some cases rather humerus attack ads from both sides. you can tell us if you think they're funny. we'll talk with santorum's national press secretary. lawmakers pouring over the president's budget. the tab over our debt continues to pile up. exactly how much we pay simply on interest alone. there is the debt clock. how bad is it getting? we'll put it in perspective for. >> harry reid saying he will put the president's birth control mandate issue to a vote in the senate. is he trying to put election pressure on republicans in that? we'll talk to rand paul. we'll see what he thinks about that coming up. >> this republican amendment seeks to change the debate in washington, d.c. from growing our economy and creating jobs to fighting culture wars.
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martha: arizona is moving one step closer to creating a state militia would patrol their border with mexico. if this is passed the bill
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would allow to take a couple hundred volunteers, test them, train them and arm them so they could patrol for undocumented immigrants and drug traffickers on the border there. state senators are divided on this issue. take a look. >> our citizens on the border and our citizens within pinnell county and heart of arizona and what they're experiencing on the property with this criminal activity that is having no respect for out laws and for our state. >> the idea that we are going to put vigilantees along southern arizona and have them to enforce law, it's crazy. the liability that you put the state of arizona in, the fact that there is no vetting process, on those folks that want to participate. this is crazy. this is nuts. martha: wow, interesting battle. group would be paid for with a $1.4 million fund set aside for border security. the arizona, mexico border is 373 miles. that is 19% of our total
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southwest border. about four out of every 10 illegal immigrants who is caught sneaking into the u.s. gets picked up in arizona. gregg: new fallout over president obama's budget. the president characterizing his plan as restrained and responsible but critics say this plan will squeeze money out of government programs partly just to keep you will with payments on the crippling interest of our debt. about 13 cents of every dollar spent by the federal government is spent on interest. john fund joins us, senior editor of "the american spectator". any american consumer with a credit card who doesn't pay it off every month realizes it the interest that will eventually eat you up and spiral out of control. >> the thing that is restrained about the president budget's is common sense. we can't go on like this. we're borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar and the interest payments are now $600 million a year. what is that? that is about the size of
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our medicare program. gregg: right. >> and if we keep going the way we're going, the interest payments are going to hit $800 billion a year. gregg: we have some, not so fun facts. how big of the debt, if you're super-rich great-uncle suddenly decided to pay off the debt at one billion per second, it would still take 4 hours and 15 minutes to pay it off. i mean that really just underscores it, doesn't it? >> now we're adding to it by a trillion dollars a year. what is a trillion? who is the biggest sports star out there right now? let's say lebron james. okay? he gets $40 million a year. how many seasons would he have to play to get a trillion dollars which is how much we're adding to our debt every year? 25,000 seasons. gregg: 25,000 seasons. >> that is how big we're adding to our debt. gregg: here is another one. if the government took 100% of all taxable income for each year and attempted to pay down the debt it would
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still take more than three years. >> this is greece. we are, if we continue to go down this road, we have already surpassed anything like the size of the debt we had after world war ii which was the biggest single undertaking the federal government had in our history. we're heading toward greek territory. at some point you become unsustainable, because the weight of the debt literally drags down economic growth. if you don't have economic growth you can't pay off the debt and it becomes a vicious circle is. gregg: principle part of president's solution many taxes creates new ones. hear is the "wall street journal" the president's plan would raise taxes across the board or anyone or business owners making more than $200,000, individuals and $200,000 for individuals. these are the 3% of taxpayers president obama says they are not paying their fair share though that 3% pays more in income tax than the rest of the other
6:19 am
97%. in your mind, assuming that's true, is the president's argument a bit of a fallacy factually? >> the president says he wants to create jobs. something like 2/3 of small businesses file using a form of individual income tax return. that is why they end up in the $250,000 bracket or above. if you raise taxes on them, you're going to have fewer jobs because they won't be able to hire as many people. so the president is literally saying i'm going to raise taxes even though i know it will lead to less economic growth and fewer jobs. it is basically idealogical statement. it is a form of class warfare. he knows it doesn't work. gregg: if paul ryan presents his plan as expected in ex-week and includes cuts in entitlements and large tax cuts for the wealthy, that will be a political punching bag the president will use it hurt republicans? >> of course. there is no alternative. we've been overspending for so long we reached a point where we have to do something drastic.
6:20 am
interest rates are as low as they possibly get. federal reserve has been holding interest rates down to almost zero for years. eventually interest rates will climb back up. that means the interest we pay on our debt starts climbing. then it becomes unsustainable. of course you have to take unpopular positions. i don't think it means that you have to cut services. you have to restructure the programs, bring them into 21st century. bring efficiency and management tools we have. but the president is not interested in that. he wants the programs to go on and on with no changes. gregg: john fund, thank you very much. >> thank you. gregg: martha? martha: a new report out there this morn says whitney houston's family does not someone who was very close to her at the funeral. who it is and why. that's next. gregg: attack of the food police. why a preschooler's bag lunch was confiscated and what she was forced to eat instead. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses.
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gregg: new reports of turmoil surrounding whitney houston's funeral. "tmz" is reporting that people connected to the highs ton family are telling houston's ex-husband bobby brown, do not attend her memorial. houston and brown of course had that rocky marriage ending in divorce. sources close to brown saying he is quote, extremely disappointed. brown reportedly wants to attend to support his daughter. martha: well, it turn oust out there are really food police after all, folks. listen to this one. a preschooler brought her own school to lunch, her lunch to school, rather t was packed by her mom. she had a turkey sandwich, banana, apple juice and chips, right, sounds very much like what i send my kids off with in the morning, the school decided that that was not nutritious enough because it was missing all important vegetable. she had apple juice and
6:25 am
banana. they took away her food. the state inspector in the lunch room and took away the food and marched the girl to the lunch line had to pay 1.25 for her lunch and gave her chicken nuggets inset, okay? i'm joined now in this baffling story by peter spreg, senior fellow at family research council. peter, good morning, this is ridiculous, isn't it? >> martha, i first heard this story i thought surely this has to be urban legend. i couldn't believe it was true. there has been enough reporting and enough documentation it is true. if we live in a country where a parent can no longer pack a lunch, for her own child, that is not creeping totalitarianism. that is raging totalitarianism. i just can't believe it. martha: there is no way. anyone of us been in cafeteria's know, the food coming out of there, most
6:26 am
cases either boiled to death or frozen to begin with and chicken nuggets. ate a few chicken nuggets. apparently missing vegetable. they say that doesn't meet the department of agriculture guidelines. and they also september her home with admonishment to tell her mother, quote, she was not packing her lunch properly. does this mother have any recourse in this situation? besides leaving the school? >> i'm not sure what legal recourse she might have. i mean this is kind of thing where i think congress needs to look at this and see how the bureaucratic state is taking laws congress has written. i'm sure congress never passed a law saying that the federal government can overrule a parent's decision on their school lunch. that is how it has been interpret the. so i'm like you. i think the lunch she had sounds like a pretty balanced lunch actually. martha: sounds very balanced i'm saying. turkey sandwich, banana, apple juice and chips. throw in the chips for good
6:27 am
measure. that is not the worst thing in the world, right. >> ironically chicken nuggets are not exactly the favorite of food police under normal circumstances. martha: someone showed me -- >> makes no sense on so many levels. martha: have you ever seen the stuff that makes chicken nuggets? looks like a soft ice cream dispenser. if you look at it, you will never, never, never touch another one of those things again. peter, thank you very much. good to have you with us today. you heard everything, right? you do believe that? gregg: my daughters won't go into the lunch room. martha: yucky. gregg: smells bad. they don't think the food is any good. martha: cafeteria's smell bad generally. gregg: i made a nice healthy lunch for both my daughters. martha: you're a good dad. gregg: very healthy and so forth. i confess it didn't technically have a vegetable in them. what was i going to do, throw raw broccoli? martha: raw carrots. come on. if you have apple juice and banana, catch up on the vegetables later in the day, right?
6:28 am
gregg: turkey sandwich is good for you. whatever. going on the attack. the romney and santorum ads that may crack you up. we're going to get reaction from santorum's press secretary. martha: this is my favorite. gregg: it is hilarious. martha: plus the lin-sanity continues. this is feel good story. undrafted. harvard graduate. very unlikely nba superstar, folks. this is fantastic, fantastic story. stick around. >> the crowd on its feet here at the air canada center. lin, puts it up, fires. jeremy lin from downtown! the knicks take the lead! hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >> how did rick santorum actually vote? santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times. for billions in wasteful projects including the bridge to know where. gregg: well that is part of an ad from mitt romney's supporters targeting rick santorum, trying to paint the newest republican presidential frontrunner as a big washington spender, a fiscal liberal, if you will. they're not alone. here is romney himself on "fox and friends" today talking about his plan to stop the surging santorum. >> you have to lay out the differences between yourself and the people you're running against and rick
6:33 am
santorum and i have very different views on some issues but in particular very different experiences, life experiences. he worked as a lobbyist. he worked in congress. went back to being a lobby i. so he has never run anything. i actually ran two different businesses. i ran the olympics. got the chance to run a state. my experience as executive and leader. i think we've seen what happens in a country when you have a president who has no experience running anything. that's what we have now. i don't think it will be pretty difficult to cron tras or very difficult to contrast the differences between our background. gregg: alan stewart, the national press secretary for rick santorum for president. alice. thanks for being with us. >> you great to be here, gregg. gregg: as the ad portrayed they're calling santorum liberal on fiscal issues. he voted against right to work legislation. voted for no child left behind, medicare part-d. raising minimum wage. raising the debt ceiling and repeated earmarks. how is that a conservative record on fiscal matters
6:34 am
which is what rick santorum brags about? >> well, first of all almost laughable that ad itself and then what governor romney just said in terms of rick santorum not a lobbyist. and sure, they had stark differences in their past the way they governed because mitt romney is a massachusetts moderate and rick santorum worked hard to be a fiscal conservative. gregg: but those votes i identified, aren't those liberal votes? >> look at overall picture of rick santorum. first of all he was refered to as tea party before there even was a tea party. fighting big spending, big government. gregg: he wasn't caught on camera criticizing the tea party saying he was going after them. >> he has been fighting hard for fiscal responsibility in washington for many years. he was a member of the gang of seven which fought to expose taxpayer abuses in washington including the congressional post office. he worked hard on welfare reform, the welfare to work program. which was a key program that he helped implement. gregg: yes. >> he worked hard on cutting
6:35 am
spending and balanced budget amendment which are key programs that he helped fight for in washington that just goes to show he is a fiscal conservative. gregg: all right. >> despite the fancy ads that mitt romney wants to put up. gregg: let me ask you, i'm sure you saw it, cbs, "new york times" poll today, good news for santorum overall but there is one category that you may want to pay careful attention to. i'm sure you've seen it. republican voters overwhelmingly view mitt romney as the candidate best quipped to defeat president obama. how does santorum convince swung voters and independents that he is more electable? >> well, first of all that is one of many polls and right now, if you look at the overall polls in particular "real clear politics" average, rick santorum is ahead of mitt romney and that is key. one key component of these polls is that rick santorum has higher favorabilities than the other candidates. people understand not only is he likeable but he is
6:36 am
someone that does have the determination and record to take on barack obama. gregg: issues as you just described thems might that alienate many moderate, key independents, the swing voters that dictate general elections? >> no. what we're seeing as you noted with the growing momentum with the rick santorum campaign people are starting to recognize that mitt romney is a moderate that is not going to be able to take on barack obama. gregg: yeah. >> rick san is is winning over independents. winning over moderates an undecided and we're seeing in polls. gregg: no, not "the new york times" "cbs poll" out today. overwhelmingly they chose mitt romney on the electability issue. let me point out one other thing, polls consistently show most voters don't really like washington insiders. rick santorum spent 16 years in washington. isn't the quintessential insider and isn't that a liability? >> well, 16 years fighting washington. as i said, a member of the gang of seven that coast
6:37 am
exposed taxpayer abuses. he worked to cut out programs like the congressional free lunches and free programs for members of congress because he went to washington recognizing and realizing the money that they spend on free lunches and free haircuts, that is not their money. those are taxpayer dollars. gregg: right. >> they don't have any right to spend that money. he worked hard to do away with those types of programs. he has been fighting big spending we've had in washington for many years. just because he was in washington, he wasn't a part of washington. gregg: i want to move forward, i played the romney ad. i want to play your ad. it is called rombo. just began airing today and it is actually quite humerus. here it is. >> this time romney's firing his mud at rick santorum. romney and his super pac spent a staggering 20 million mostly attacking fellow republicans. why? because romney is trying to hide from his big government romney care. gregg: i have to tell you, i almost fell out of my chair
6:38 am
with laughter. what are you trying to accomplish with that ad? >> politics is serious business, gregg. this is just a light-hearted look at the fact romney no matter, he spent $20 million fighting his fellow republicans. no matter how many fancy ads or fast planes or full staff he has he can not change history. he can not change the fact that he is massachusetts moderate with a liberal record. he stands in line with barack obama on key issues such as romneycare which he instituted and also cap-and-trade and several spending programs that obama supported. gregg: i gotcha. >> romney is like that lock, stock and barrel. he can't point finger at fellow republicans when he is guilty of them. gregg: alice stewart. press secretary for rick santorum. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, gregg. martha: he made time for a stop at the san diego zoo. questions for the zookeepers there but his favorite animal, he always asks
6:39 am
people what their favorite animal. gregg: of course. martha: he says the highlight for him were these guys, the pandas. he got a chance to feed a 2 1/2-year-old male panda. rest assured this panda had a balanced lunch. carrots and bamboo, should not feed the kids bamboo. martha: that looks pretty healthy. gregg: taking a look now at the markets. where are we on the big board? down ever so slightly, 13 points. it has been a mixed bag the last couple days. the dow is down slightly. nasdaq up a little bit. you see the dow down 12 points. investors reacting to all kind of news today. we'll have more on that coming up. martha: all right. lawmakers around the clergy continue this battle over the birth control mandate. harry reid says he now wants to see this go to a vote in the senate. the question is, is he trying to trap republicans headed towards elections?
6:40 am
we'll talk to senator rand paul about that coming up next. gregg: and a last-minute deal to extend the payroll tax cut. keeping more of your money in your wallet. critics say washington is focusing on the wrong issues. >> why are we arguing over a middle class tax cut that has been given to us for, by name to reduce the amount of we're paying into social security. what we should talk about is real tax reform. ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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gregg: developing right now in "america's newsroom", the prosecution wrapping up in the murder trial of george huguely. the former college lacrosse player is accused killing his ex-girlfriend. the defense is coming up next. they say yeardley's death was accidental. china's vice president stopping in america's heartland in a place he visited 27 years ago. >> he slept in the kids room with star wars on the wall. he sat around our dining room table. we just gave him an iowa
6:44 am
welcome. gregg: sarah leland who lives in iowa organized trip back in 1985 for the man expected to lead china. in a unbelievable story out of texas, a woman holding a two-month old baby when a car suddenly plows into her home. she was pinned underneath the car but somehow hoisted the baby above the wreckage. both are doing fine. martha: wow! turn attention to washington, d.c. getting lawmakers on the record on president obama's controversial mandate for birth control coverage. senate majority leader harry reid wants to bring this bill to the floor that would allow employers to basically opt out of any mandate in the health care bill that they find immoral for any reason, really. joining me now is kentucky senator rand paul. good to see you this morning, senator. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. martha: tell me what you think of the blunt amendment,
6:45 am
would give employers if they found something immoral out of the health care code they could opt out of it and why does harry reid want to bring this to the floor? >> this will be interesting the outcome. many democrats will vote with republicans. this is freedom of religion issue. you should not be forced to buy insurance that goes against your relidge just principles. i would go one step further, obamacare forces you to buy insurance against the economic freed many do. should a 75-year-old woman to buy insurance that has pregnancy coverage? should a 23-year-old woman who had her tubes tied and four children forced to buy pregnancy coverage? there is economic freedom issue. there is religious issue. this goes to the heart of the obamacare and why some of us are opposed to obamacare. martha: there is thinking that perhaps senator reid wants anybody who votes against this or for this bill i would say to be seen as an attacking contraception, attacking women's freedom to health care the barbara boxer is out there saying she
6:46 am
believes that, an employer could deny coverage under this bill if they felt that prayer was the only answer and that they were against medicine in general. >> yeah. i see it as a religious freedom issue and that if you have a moral objection to either birth control or to abortion, that you shouldn't be forced to buy insurance that has and pays for things. the interesting thing about this is, if you force the employer to buy this insurance, they're actually paying for something they find morally objectionable. this has nothing to do with contraception. i have no objection to contraception but i do have an objection to imspring fringeing on people's religious liberty and and what products they decide to buy in the marketplace. martha: you talk about the budget, the president's budget as it was rolled out. what do you think of it? >> i think it is more of the same. we have trillion dollar deficits as long as the eye can see. i think we're headed toward a disaster. i'm very worried for our country. we can not continue at this
6:47 am
level of debt. there are severe repercussions. they come in joblessness, unemployment. they also come in rising prices. gas prices have doubled. food prices are rising. these are all consequence of this massive deficit that the president is foisting on the backs of working people. martha: obviously your father has talked about this throughout his whole career. are you concerned that you don't hear some of the politicians in the republican party who are ranking a little better than your dad right now, do you feel they're not talking about it enough? >> i think we can't talk about it enough but we need to link debt, because debt is not just a number. we need to link debt with the unemployment. there is a face to this massive government debt. it is a face to those unemployed. 12 million people unemployed. there is another problem everybody sees and they need to understand when their gas prices are doubling it is because their dollar is shrinking. the dollar is shrinking because of this massive debt. we can't live this way. no american family can run up this amount of debt but a
6:48 am
government ultimately there will be repercussions to so much debt. martha: i think a lot of folks agree with you. rand paul. thanks very much. good to have you with us today. thank you, senator. >> thank you. gregg: a security scare at a military laboratory. what police found on five men trying to get into that secret facility. martha: and she helped take on president obama in 2008. now with the president's poll numbers on the rise we asked sarah palin, can president obama be beaten? >> we have all heard from these experts that, we've got to name our nominee right now. got to wrap it up. no debate for you. cut it off. we're through. as if competition weakens our nominee. yet in america, we believe that competition strengthens us. competition elevates our game! [applause] are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
6:49 am
call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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6:52 am
martha: well a security scare at a u.s. army laboratory. massachusetts police are accusing five men of trying to illegally enter the u.s. soldiers systems center you see pictured here. the suspects in court yesterday, facing charges for carrying dozens of fake i.d.s and credit cards. they're still trying to figure out exactly what they were up to. one of the suspects is a army reservist. lab security officials say the far stopped the men right at the gate. >> one of the things i can tell you our gate cards the right way. to get on the systems center you have to have purpose and i.d. to come on. they checked i.d.s. a couple of them were false. after they searched they found more stuff and. martha: the defense lawyers said the men bought fake
6:53 am
i.d. as to get into a nightclub. took a wrong turn. that is not a nightclub. gregg: wrong directions to a nightclub. martha: yeah. ♪ . gregg: perfection. martha: love that song. gregg: courtship of eddie's father, right? martha: yes. >> teeny tiny malchy. taking top dog honners in at the westminster kennel club. laura ingle in the newsroom. malachy was not really favored to one, right? >> malachy, the mop top toy dog had serious competition. many in the crowd eyeing other breeds including a black cocker spaniel named beckham. this was the year of the peek ken niece. he moved slow but took open the prestigious title
6:54 am
winning over the judges and crowd with smushed in face and slow pace and fantastic fly away firm. his win marks the fourth time a apekingese won an first time since 1990. it beat out likes after dalmation, german shepard, dob per men pin they are, and wired haired dachshund. there is no price money. just a silver bowl and prestige of a title that last a lifetime and can brand a lot of dough in breeding potential. gregg: they can feed out of the silver bowl. >> that's right. gregg: what is in malcy's future. >> at four years old this is 115th win in dog shows which is enough for the dog owner to retire the cows init look-alike. stopped by "fox and friends" to discuss the details of his big win and plans for immediate future. >> this dog at home gets a
6:55 am
lot of freedom. he runs out in the yard. you wouldn't think he is very active. he chases squirrels. >> as he ever caught one? >> no [laughter] >> reporter: he will still chase the squirrels. malachy will have brushes at home and showing off the fame must strut known as the pekingese roll and he never had a haircut. probably never wilt. look good. gregg: takes two hours to cut and blow dry the hair and that is more than kim kardashian. >> reporter: expensive blowout. martha: that irish seter was beautiful. you see that dog trotting around. i have to go with the black cocker spaniel, beckham. that is my favorite dog. gregg: no dogs at jarrett household. we have you have is ited dogs. i like dalmation. beautiful dog. martha: beautiful. that mop-top dog though, kind of funny looking don't you think? you have to love that breed.
6:56 am
gregg: acquired taste. martha: beautiful dog. no haircut. don't do it. all right, coming up right here in "america's newsroom", lawmakers striking a tentative deal in the payroll tax cut fight but some republicans still want to know how it's going to be paid for? remember that was their burning question last time around. details from capitol hill coming up. gregg: the united states on high alert after iran allegedly carried out several bombings in asia and europe. can they strike here. you know when i grow up,
6:57 am
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6:59 am
on your own ergo. find out more at tempurpedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. martha: fox news alert. heightened security today is all around because of this growing threat from iran, and the thinking that it could impact us here right in the united states. the islamic republic accused of
7:00 am
attacking israeli dip plea matter all around the world. they are on my alert becse they are concerned that they may try to attack us at home as well. a brand-new hour starting ou on "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. they are threatening to close the shipping lane in the strait of hormuz. martha: this as iran's nuclear program grows louder by the day. we are joined by kt mcfarland. good morning. >> good morning. martha: we put it to stewart varney before he says there is a financial war going on with iran and you say there is a covert war going on with iran as well. >> we were in a covert war with iran, it's not a hot war, it's santa barbara station, surveillance, assassinations. the iranians sent a hit squad to
7:01 am
washington to kill the israeli and saudi ambassador. somebody is killing iranian scientists. iranian is sending people to softer targets where it's easy to get at israeli dip plea matter. this year, 2012 is the year of rec congress with iran. we've talked about it for a longtime. this year is the year that the issue will be joined. martha: it's a frightening idea, kt, you look at what is happen in the strait of hormuz. we've talked about that for a longtime, that is a key area, if they shut that off there will be a lot of repercussions. what do you think happening next? a lot of talk about this summer as a potential turning point in all of this. do you think that will happen? >> i was with my old boss henry kissinger last week, an said the problem with the iranian issue
7:02 am
is every other os specht of world affairs is involved, whether it's the european financial crisis, the world oil market, argentina with the iranian connection there. the russians and the chinese, the israelis, and the entire middle east. israel has to make a calculation, will this cold war, covert war turn into a who the war? israel has tough decisions to make. the administration has gone to them and said, let sanctions have a little more time to see if they'll work. that's why you've seen in the last three or four days talk about financial sanction toss cut iran out of the system. the iranians are moving all their nuclear weapons underground. israel will have a hard time with any type of preemptive attack. martha: god knows how far down
7:03 am
there they are, and this real thick steel door that blocks everything off. the israelis think there is a short wind tow of time to cut this off before it's too late. >> leon panetta in a yore or sooner. and then they will have a nuclear weapon cap alof hitting the united states. that's something to which we have no defense the the issue is now, and this summer. israel will have to make a calculation, that's what the iranians are doing, forcing the issue and the administration is going to have to make some decision. martha: no doubt they will, right in the middle of the election season that is going on right now. kt thank you. gregg: here at home, congress has reached a tentative deal extending the payroll tax cut. if passed it will actually save the average worker in america about $40 per paycheck. the same plan would also extend
7:04 am
jobless benefits through next year, but some house republicans say they are very worried about just how to pay for it. >> we've got to get serious about social security. we continue to run social security in a hole. we've got to be honest with the american people and be held accountable for some of the things we are doing. >> why are we arguing over a middle class tax cut that has been given to us by name to reduce the amount we're paying into social security. what we should be talking about is real tax reform. gregg:ed henry is live on the north lawn. it sounds like the president wants to get this thing done quickly, right. >> reporter: he does. things didn't fare for them back in september when they had this fight the first time. when you talk about how to pay for it we should note only about one-third of this according to the tentative deal and it could change, only about one third it is paid for.
7:05 am
the rest of it would be adding to the definite as you say extending the payroll tax cut throughout end of this year plus unemployment benefits. there is a big political pressure on congress to get it done. the president has been saying, make sure this does not linger, take a listen. >> no ideological side shows to gum up the works, no self-inflicted wounds, just pass this middle class tax cut, packs the extension of unemployment insurance, and i will sign it right away. >> reporter: we'll hear the president say more about this in a few hours. he's going to be talking about inch sourcing jobs, something he's pushed before. after that he heeds onto los angeles and san francisco. he's going to be doing about eight fundraisers on this trip. he'll be talking about jobs but he's also be in campaign mode as well. gregg: i talked to representative scott garrett a
7:06 am
republican yesterday. he said he's against the deal but he wanted to speak with the leadership first. how about other republican, are they on board? >> reporter: there will be at least a dozen if not more that will be against us in part because of what you played a moment ago, some of the sound from the lawmakers light scott garrett. they say you are robbing from the trust fund when you continue to cut the payroll tax. there is that pressure. on the other hand there is a political pressure i mentioned. and congressman fred upton one ever the key negotiators here said, look we've got to get this done. >> everyone is very encouraged, optimistic that we can get this thing wrapped up and perhaps if we get there can sign as early as tomorrow and actually get it on the floor of the house before the end of the week. >> reporter: look, you've got this new new york times cbs news poll suggesting the president's
7:07 am
approval ratings up to 50%. he's been rushing some of the job measures. republicans on the hill are sending the signal necessity want to get this done with and move onto other big fights like the debt. gregg:ed henry live at the white house. ed, thanks very much. martha: interesting poll numbers out this morning. republican voters may still be looking for yet another candidate. mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul vying for the nomination, they'd love to wrap it up any one of them. according to a new poll most persons say they would like a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. just 34% of the people say that they are generally satisfied with the current crop of candidate. look at the number that want more choices, 62% say bring it on. they'd like to see more folks jump in the race. i don't know if that's going to happen, it's a little late. gregg: i'm always skeptical of
7:08 am
some of the questions that are asked. the candidates hitting the campaign trail hard trying to pick up votes ahead of the next primary contest. rick santorum trying to energize a massive crowd in boise, eud today who he, saying honesty is the best policy even in politics. >> people say how are you going to bring people together? how about being honest with them? [applause] >> how about just tell them the truth about the situation we're in. is it tough? yes. is america up to the task? you bet we are. you bet we are. [applause] >> i have no doubt that if you level with the american public about the severe a steve the problems we're dealing with and we just layout the facts to folks and reremin we remind americans who we are, how we built this great country. gregg: the former pennsylvania senator spoke earlier in cord today lane, idaho taking several swipes at his biggest rival
7:09 am
right now, of course mitt romney. martha: super tuesday may be almost three weeks away but voting is already underway in three out of the ten states that are holding primaries that day, that includes the battleground state of ohio. early voting in ohio began and january 31st, some of the votes already baked in the cake although we don't know how they turned out. steve brown joins me from the state capitol of columbus. there are new polls that show rick santorum looking pretty strong in ohio. >> reporter: it shows santorum is at 36 and romney at 29. there has been a scant amount of polling so far in this state and certainly the santorum numbers with him in top are making a legend of fans very happy. santorum hasn't visited the state yet, so they are also a little bit leery. >> romney has a lot of money and i'm sure the attacks will
7:10 am
escalate now that santorum is the conservative alternative. i think those attacks are going to increase. >> reporter: and that has been the pattern, when somebody has risen up, the flavor of the month, if you will, pattern in the republican primary, the romney campaign and its proceed romney super pack have been out there to, if you will, try to hammer down the insurgents. martha: can we expect it to be game on between these two and the attack ads once again in ohio? >> reporter: here is the weird thing about that, martha. if it weren't for the fact that early voting was going on right now you'd be hardpressed to know that there was a really important primary coming up less than three weeks away. very low key kind of campaigning going on around here. and folks are a little bit dismayed by this. and asking a lot of questions. have a listen. >> it doesn't seem just sort of watching how things have played out on the ground that there is
7:11 am
a lot of momentum for any one candidate at this point. >> reporter: expect things to start heating up rather quickly here. this is the biggest prize, contestant prize coming up on super tuesday, still awful quiet here less than three weeks out. martha: they'll get around to it. i think we are all more interested in it sometimes than folks on the ground. when it comes time to make the decision no doubt they'll be focused and doing just that in ohio which is a big, important state. thank you so much, steve brown on the ground for us in the capitol of columbus. gregg: it has been a roller coaster ride in the republican nomination with many different frontrunners leading the pack. according to sarah palin it's because voters haven't heard the magic word just yet. >> none of the candidates have articulated yet those things that are really resonating with us to convince us that they are the freedom-loving, profree market, proamerican tradition has built this country. gregg: and you thought please
7:12 am
and thank you were the magic words. can any of the candidates beat president obama? we'll ask sarah palin when she joins us live next. martha: that is a question that is for most in a lot of people's minds right now. this story, jurors hearing two very different accounts of this horrifying tragedy. did gabe watson murder his wife on their moneye his honeymoon scuba trip. gregg: where is the oil going to go now that president obama has wrapped a project? [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
7:13 am
enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation.
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martha: it could be a major milestone for president obama's approval ratings and it continue come at a more crucial time in this race. i think there will be a lot of crucial moments as we head through the rest of this race. this is a look at the approval number for press from the cbs new york times poll. he's at 50%. that is a level he hasn't seen in quite sometime. not since may of 2010, accept for the brief bump he got for the killing of osama bin laden. americans showing increased faith in an economic turn around. we are show happy to be joined by sarah palin, former governor of alaska, former vice presidental candidate and a former fox news contributor. so glad to have you in the studio. >> glad to be here. martha: talk to me a little bit about that. for republicans and conservatives they look at that number. it's got to make them nervous. as people start to feel, maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel, maybe i should stick with the guy that we've got. >> the way i'm looking at this. this is going to come down to --
7:17 am
not even so much a partisan election come fall time, it's going to come down to a government party, and a freedom party, and which one will have better ideas on really how to get the economy right on the backtrack. those approval ratings i believe are reflective of some misinformation given to the american public. i believe that the job -- the unemployment number that was spewed recently is based on fewer americans actually giving it the old college try and trying to find a job. they have been quite discouraged. there are more americans out of work, 13 million americans out of work, many who are not even trying right now to find a job. they are hoping that obama will be replaced at the ballot box and then they'll get out there and they'll seek employment. martha: the white house is pea pairing people saying we may have some tougher unemployment numbers down the road.
7:18 am
clearly they would be happy with the numbers they've seen so far, the trend lines are good. i don't know if there is this sort of easy decision between the sort of smaller government conservative and president obama at this point. you, yourself said that so far none of these candidates you believe have actually articulated what you want them to articulate. you've got r-pl mitt romne mitt romney saying, what more can i say in i've said i'm conservative on all these issues and you're not satisfied. >> what more they can say, not just romney, how we can shrink government so our smaller businesses can hire more people. but a lot of this has to do with what the media covers. but instead what the focus seems to have been on is this horse race within the g.o.p., and kind of jostling for position there. we talk about who is up, who is down, when what we need to talk about is the american public is down right now, and how do we
7:19 am
allow everybody to rise, to succeed by getting government off our back out of the way. martha: you seem to speak so often to sort of that part of the party that is tough and is a fighter, and wants to do something different, wants a more radical change, but i think a lot of people do sort of fall in that middle area there perhaps they are nervous about the future and they say, do i want to try somebody different or do i want to stick with the guy that i've god? let's take a look at some of these polls, in the control room we want to lock now at the head-to-heads with rick santorum and romney. 34%, the numbers improving. they think it's getting a little abou bit better. you've god president obama over mitt romney 49-41. here is the romney number 42-48. if the race were held right now, governor palin it looks like those two candidates would lose. >> i don't put a lot of stock in polls. i've said before, polls are good for cross country skiers and for
7:20 am
strippers. there is a lot of volatility in them and i don't put that stock in there. what it will come down to is americans need to know who it is they can trust. can they trust that obama will change his stripes and understand that he will all of a sudden understand what the free market is? i don't think he will. hes not inc inherent ao inherently able to do that, to turn to those constitutional principles that built america that made this into a prosperous, generous nation. anybody on the gop ticket would be better equipped and better prepared to turn us to the right where we want to go. martha: we saw the response you got at cpac was overwhelming. they were -- crowds were flowing into other rooms, they wanted somebody like you that connects with them, that gets them fired up, who is tough and a fighter, that is a description that for a while seemed to fit newt gingrich, then he seemed to lose ground with these folks. how do you see yourself?
7:21 am
what is your role for the future? and do you ever wish that you had given it a go? >> i am just like one of millions and millions and millions of other americans knowing that you can make a difference without a title, without that position. i appreciate the freedom i have as an american to speak my heart of and i feel blessed to have been given a platform where i can reflect a lot of what just common-sense, fiscally conservative people are thinking right now. we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we cannot afford to slash our militaries while other militaries are increasing their funds and numbers, not in this volatile, dangerous world that we are in. and we cannot afford to assume that barack obama gets it when it comes to getting the economy on the right track. martha: no regrets i'm hearing. >> we are doing fine. martha: governor palin thank you very much. a lot to talk about. hopefully we'll continue the
7:22 am
conversation down the road. good to see you. gregg: gregg: in the tphoerts world. lincredible. linsanity, however you want to say it, jeremy lin is taking over the sports world, that's next. with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement.
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7:25 am
martha: what a great story it is. you've got linsanity. how much ways can you say this guy's name and work it into a word, but it's hard to avoid. take a look at last night's game. >> he picks it up. jeremy lin goes downtown, and
7:26 am
they take the lead. martha: he nails it right in there as if he was playing in high school or college. no change in his demeanor because of this huge venue he's now in. a big khre win. he sung a shot at the last second. the new york knicks win over the toronto raptors. 100-plus points in four games. don't expect the kid from harvard to gloat about it. >> we've had so many active hands, everybody with deflections, rebounds and we clamped it down in the fourth quarter, we couldn't get a stop to save our lives in the beginning, and then i did a horrible job on barbosa and calderon. martha: the knicks are still
7:27 am
undefeated in the jeremy lin era, how does that sound. >> thankful to god for all this. martha: humble, has a lot of qualities you don't see too often in some of these nba players. what a refreshing person he is for the game. his pastor is speaking out from california. like tim tebow he makes a lot of references to god and thanking god for his win. after the win last night, he said god works in all things for the good of those who love him. they always made sure their son was in church on sunday morning. he's grateful for the seem that surrounds him, which is a nice sentiment to hear. gregg: the kid was undrafted, no team wanted him. he was a walk on, then he got waived by two other teams. those teams have to be kicking themselves right now. martha: you bet they are. gregg: not realizing what they truly had. martha: you wonder if he would have performed that way for those teams i think things come together in a special moment and
7:28 am
that special moment that has happened for the knicks hasn't happened in a really longtime. everyone wants tickets now which hasn't happened in a longtime. gregg: the keystone pipeline would have brought millions of oil from canada to the united states on a daily basis. president obama decided to scrap the project after political pressure from environmental groups. and they say hey we're going to take our business elsewhere. william la jeunesse has the latest. >> reporter: where would you rather source your oil, and the safety of a pipeline or from the persian gulf where governments are shaky, regulations are week and the oil travels thousands of miles by tanker sometimes escorted by the u.s. navy. the president turned down canada, which has now turned to china. abandoned by the u.s. canadian oil is up for grabs. >> a lot of alberta's energy
7:29 am
sector was built as a result of americans coming to alberta to invest in our energy industry. but we are not going to be able to rely on the sentiment at the timsentiment of that. >> reporter: they are going to china. canada was going to sell their crude to the u.s. from alberto to the gulf tkpwo*es. president obama said no. china, however, said yes to canadian oil which is fast tracking a pipeline west. >> we want to sell our oil to people who want to buy our oil. >> reporter: they hope president obama reconsiders or loses the white house to a republican. not are optimistic, democrats killed drilling in the atlantic, pacific, and alaska. the arab prices steam rolled in the 1970s allowing americans to
7:30 am
build the transalaska pipeline in three years. >> the u.s. imports $11 billion a way from oil from some place else in the world. its going to do that for decades and decades to come. the friendlyist place to get the crude oil is from canada, simp simple. >> reporter: transcanada will resubmit their application. some say the president would be more likely to sign it after he is less bow hol less beholden, after the election. martha: two u.s. senators say the time for talking has come and gone. we'll ask south carolina governor lindsey graham about his tough plan for iran. gregg: turns out you cannot say anything you want in front of your kids when they are trying to crawl.
7:31 am
apparently they understand a lot more than baby talk. wait ph until yo until you see this new study. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
7:32 am
♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
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7:34 am
martha: on the brink of an all out civil war really right now in syria, president bashar al-assad refusing to ease the bloody crackdown on his own people.
7:35 am
hundreds being gunned down in the city streets that look like and that are urban war zones. look at these pictures of these people running for their lives in homs. dominique d-natali joins me now streaming live from beirut, lebanon. hello. >> reporter: game pictures coming out of syria today, most particularly in homs you were just mentioning there. syria warplanes attacked an oil pipeline, one of only two in the country. that will cause untold complications for the country. it means further suffering for the people, not in just of that city but of course the rest of the country as well. a second front is opening up in the city of hammer. government troops have moved in there and started to go into residential areas. it has been hit before, bashar al-assad, his father attacked the city in 1982 and killed tens of thousands of people. there is a lot opposition
7:36 am
against the government there. morey distant to the bashar al-assad regime. also we are hearing today that the syrian government, bashar al-assad has agreed to a referendum whereby the constitution will be amended to allow more political parties. he said this back in january and now it is becoming true. the referendum will take place on the 26th of february, but it's very hard to imagine how he'll be able to organize something like that when there is so much violence going on. russia look at a new proposal in the united nations. it could be a few days before anything is decided on that. the key thing will be to get peacekeepers in there ahead of the leve referendum. back to you mart in a. martha: unbelievable. gregg: the murder call of the so-called honeymoon killer giving two pictures of a defendant that continue be more different. alabama prosecutors saying gabe watson cut off his wife's oxygen
7:37 am
during a scuba drive trying to get over $200,000 in insurance money. his lawyers say he's the victim of a tragic accident and bumbling law enforcement in as you central kwroe. judge andrew napolitano joins us. i've only known you for 20 years. you'd think i could get your name right. >> reporter: it's one of those mornings. gregg: it's been almost ten years since this happened. the passage of time, the distance, location 4, australia versus alabama. can they really prove the case? >> reporter: the strongest evidence they have against him is the vastly varying and utterly inconsistent versions of this that he himself gave, which i assume will be admitted in alabama. not all judges will admit it but i think it's going to be admitted here. they would love to put him on the witness stand but they don't have to, they have the various versions that the he gave the authorities where this happened, and that will.the finger at
7:38 am
him. you're right, it's not an easy case to prove. there are no eyewitnesses, there is no direct evidence. it happened ten years ago and miles and miles away. gregg: the motive here is he wanted the 200,000 in insurance money, but his defense says, well wait a minute, he wasn't the beneficiary, and the prosecution says, he thought he was. >> reporter: well that will help a jury to convict. as you say, correctly as always you don't have to give a motive, but jurors often want a motive. it helps them sort of complete the circle of conviction. and if there isn't a motive they might hesitate to convict, and thinking you were entitled to insurance proceeds will be sufficient, i think, in the minds of the jurors to enable them to find him guilty, because his behavior is consistent with one who thought he was the beneficiary. sometimes you don't know whether you're a beneficiary or not. gregg: exactly. and she allegedly, at the behest of her father lied to him that he was the beneficiary because
7:39 am
he was pushing it before marriage. i've been scuba diving for more than 20 years. >> reporter: that's how you stay in shape. gregg: i wish i were in better shape. i'm not sure his story makes sense. he says, look, she panicked and knocked off his mask. he had trouble getting it back on and by that time she was too far below. look, the first thing you're taught in scuba diving instruction is how to clear your mask and it's done automatically, and it's routine. i do it without even thinking about it. they are going to put an expert on the stand who is going to say, ladies and gentlemen, that is no excuse at all. >> reporter: if he really did plan and plot this. like a lot of criminals, he was extremely sloppy and left a lot of telltale indications that her death was intentional and was caused by him, and this is just one of those pieces, an expert saying, look this guy was experienced, he didn't have to do it this way. gregg: not only experienced, he was certified in rescue diving.
7:40 am
that's got to hurt him the most. >> reporter: if he takes the stand the jury is going to want to know, why didn't you want to save her life. if he doesn't take the stand, and i don't know how he could possibly take the stand, that wouldn't come in. gregg: all right, thank you. martha: it's a serious case of angry birds. that's creepy. a frenzy of crows that even hitchcock continu couldn't dream up. >> it's horrible. the cawing and everything all night long. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat
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and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. gregg: how to handle iran has the rogue nation ups it's sabr erat link over nuclear april pweugs -gambitions and threatens to close off one of the most important waterways.
7:44 am
they are pushing a resolution that would rule out any u.s. policy approach that accepts an iran with nuclear strike capability. senator lindsey graham is one of the sevens behind the resolution. he joins us us live. always a pleasure to talk to you senator. the president has said on more than one occasion that he will never accept a nuclear armed iran. why is your resolution necessary, unless, unless you don't believe the president? is that the case? >> i think it's necessary to show the president and the country, and the world that we all agree with that statement. i think these are dangerous times in which we live, you need to be on the record in the monumental events of your time, and i can't think of anything more appropriate to be taking about, u.s. policy towards iran. when the president says a nuclear armed iran is unacceptable, the congress needs to speak and i want to have the president's back on this. i want the iranians in the world to know, it's just not the president saying that but the
7:45 am
united states senate too. gregg: do you think the president believes that a nuclear armed iran is inevitable and his back up plan, maybe secretly is how to deal with a nuclear armed iran? >> i don't think so. i hope he doesn't believe that. i don't believe he does. it's an impossible task to manage. once they get a nuclear weapon, it will spread throughout the area. the terrorists having access to nuclear weapons grows exp. i don't think he can contain a nuclear iran once they get a weapon. gregg: you used the word detain. detainment and deterrence did work with the soviets during the cold war, why wouldn't it work now with iran. >> the soviets were rational actors and the soviet union did not lead to a nuclear arms race in the mideast.
7:46 am
this would create a nuclear proliferation throughout the mideast. i can't think of a worst scenario than a bunch of nuclear weapons in the mideast. if iran develops a nuclear weapon the mideast will follow and that is an armageddon scenario that we need not go down. gregg: you're trying to get some democrats, you've got even a few, but others are very reluctant and here is why, they say they are concerned that this resolution will be seen as creeping towards authorizing military force. is it? >> no, i think what it is, it's a firm statement of u.s. policy backing up the president. and any rational person who has looked at the consequences of a nuclear armed iran come out where we're at. it's a resolution, timely in its nature that speaks from the senate's point of view backing up the president. i think we'll get a lot of b bi-partisan support. if you actually had to vote on this i doubt if many people
7:47 am
would reject this resolution. i hate to have to go home to south carolina and explain to the people of south carolina that we could deal with a nuclear armed iran, i don't think we can and i don't think they do. gregg: leon pan net ta said israel will launch a strike against iran in the next several months. do you agree with that? >> i was at the hearing yesterday, an says he did not say that, he has no direct knowledge of that. put yourself in the position of the israelis, how long would you play this game allowing the irans to bake the nuclear cake, that's what they are trying to do, all the parts are coming together. i asked leon panetta yesterday, do you think it's sound policy to allow them to get a nuclear weapon and try to contain them? he said no, you must stop them. so it's not just president obama, it's the secretary of defense and most of the u.s. senate. i think it's a time to have this vote while it still matters.
7:48 am
i hope we can avoid a nuclear armed iran. if we don't we will all regret it. gregg: we'll be following the vote. senator lindsey graham, thank you so much, sir. martha: let's head to the newsroom, jon scott standing by as he gets ready for "happening now." jon: brand-new polling from rasmussen reports shows a big shift in the republican race, results that might surprise you. scott rasmussen joins us to fill you in. the honeymoon murder trial in alabama, both sides presenting opening arguments with very different accounts of what happened to a young bride on a cuba diving adventure that ended in her death. the latest from the courtroom. a counterfeit version of a very popular cancer drug is on the market in the u.s. a fake, it's all coming up at the top of the hour, "happening now." martha: thank you, we'll look forward to that. jon scott coming up at the top of the hour. and be careful what you say in front of your babies folks. if you think -- look at that
7:49 am
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gregg: it is full of cops and cameras, it seems even an airport security check-point is not enough to deter this next criminal. it took him just seconds to spot this $6,500 rolex watch. he checks to see if the coast is clear and then, yes he swipes it. by the owner realized it was gone the suspect already managed to get away. police believed he was headed for dallas and thinks he may be from south florida. martha: that is awful. gregg: don't take a rolex but.
7:53 am
>> the economy is a little rough martha: those babies are giving financial advice to each other. doctors say that babies do know more than you think obviously, they are trading stock tips. there is a study saying that babies as young as six months can understand words months before they start speaking. be careful what you say in front of the babies, folks. dr. manny alvarez is with me now. >> reporter: that ad is true. and we have the science to prove it too. listen, the study is very exciting because basically what they did is we thought that babies, let's say six months, three months, they react to sound, and what this study has
7:54 am
shown is that they react to meaning. so basically what they did is they took 33 or 40 babiese babies, or so, very well designed study and they said something, look at the apple, and they follow the eye movements of a lot of the babies. martha: in front of a computer screen right. >> reporter: yes, this is not a coincidence, the numbers are really true, kids are understanding what the meaning of the words are. its not that you have to wait now nor nine months, or eleven months to start talking to them. you know, you don't say go-ga-ga-ga. martha: no. >> reporter: scientists are saying, the minute that baby comes outlets start having a conversation, because they are going to learn pretty fast. martha: i used to talk to my babies, like okay. let's go to the grocery store. you talk to them. during the course of the day. i was told you shouldn't baby
7:55 am
talk to your kids. >> reporter: this is going to tell parents look, get more involved with educating your children early on, reading, listening to music, having conversations very early in the game. martha: they are like little sponges. >> reporter: absolutely. that is going to help them with educational development as they get older. the good thing about this is, remember, i have an autistic son. this is going to be part of the conversation when they start screening children as to the way they behave, looking at the way they react to words, and the lot of children in the autistic spectrum, there will be deficiencies. martha: you think it might help to bring it in earlier. >> reporter: you have to bring in educational tools early in the game. i love it, i love it. i think you should talk with the babies in the belly. martha: don't swear in front of your children, they'll swear right back at you. >> reporter: good family values
7:56 am
is what me need. martha: thank you, dr. manny,. gregg: i uttered a bad word one day and grace said it for the next two days. martha: who knew gregg jarrett was such a gutter month. okay it's like a scene out of a scary movie. thousands of crows descending on a small college town. what is going on? we'll tell you. your finances can't manage themselves. but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can. a certified financial planner professional. cfp. let's make plan.
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